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"I Don't Remember Some Of The Nineties" Francis Dunnery 2022

It Bites is a British progressive rock and pop fusion band formed in 1982 in Egremont, Cumbria, England. The original lineup consisted of Francis Dunnery (guitar and lead vocals), John Beck (keyboards), Dick Nolan (bass), and Bob Dalton (drums).

The band first gained national attention with their single "Calling All the Heroes," which reached number six on the UK charts in 1986. The song was included on their debut album, "The Big Lad in the Windmill," released the same year. The album featured a mix of progressive rock, pop, and jazz influences and received critical acclaim.

In 1988, the band released their second album, "Once Around the World," which continued their fusion of genres and showcased their instrumental virtuosity. The album also contained the hit single "Kiss Like Judas."

However, It Bites struggled to maintain its commercial success and underwent several lineup changes. In 1990, Dunnery left the band to pursue a solo career and was replaced by Lee Knott. The band released two more albums with this lineup, "Eat Me in St. Louis" (1989) and "Thank You and Goodnight" (1991), but they failed to replicate their earlier success.

It Bites disbanded in 1991 but reunited briefly in 2003 for a tour and the release of a live album, "Live in Tokyo." They continued to tour sporadically in the following years. In 2006, they released their first studio album in over a decade, "The Tall Ships," with John Mitchell (guitar and vocals) replacing Dunnery. The album received positive reviews and returned to the band's progressive rock roots.

Since then, It Bites has released several more albums and continued to tour, although the band has undergone further lineup changes. The current lineup consists of John Beck (keyboards), Bob Dalton (drums), John Mitchell (guitar and vocals), and Nathan King (bass).


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