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We were a fully-working band.

Let Loose was a British pop-rock band that gained popularity in the early 1990s. The band members were Richie Wermerling (vocals and keyboards), Rob Jeffrey (guitar), and Lee Murray (drums).

Let Loose was formed in 1990 in London, England. They started by performing in small venues and clubs, gradually building a local following. In 1993, they released their debut single, "Crazy for You," which received positive reviews and moderate chart success in the UK.

Their breakthrough came in 1994 with the release of their second single, "Crazy for You." The song became a massive hit, reaching number two on the UK Singles Chart and earning a silver certification. It was followed by their debut album, "Let Loose," released the same year. The album achieved considerable success, peaking at number 20 on the UK Albums Chart and eventually being certified platinum.

Let Loose's success continued with their next singles, "Seventeen" and "One Night Stand." Both songs entered the UK top 20, solidifying the band's popularity. They toured extensively across the UK and Europe, performing at various festivals and shows.

In 1995, Let Loose released their second album, "Rollercoaster." Although it spawned successful singles like "Best in Me" and "Make It with You," the album did not replicate the commercial success of their debut. Despite this, the band continued to tour and gained a loyal fan base.

However, internal tensions and creative differences led to the departure of guitarist Rob Jeffrey in 1996. The band continued as a duo with Richie Wermerling and Lee Murray but struggled to regain their earlier success.

Let Loose eventually disbanded in 2000, with the members pursuing individual projects. Richie Wermerling went on to work as a songwriter and producer, collaborating with various artists. He also released solo material under his name. Lee Murray continued to play drums and worked as a session musician.

In 2013, Let Loose reunited with the original lineup of Wermerling, Jeffrey, and Murray for a series of live shows. They performed at festivals and '90s revival events, reconnecting with their fan base. While they didn't release any new material, the reunion allowed fans to relive the band's popular hits.

The history of Let Loose showcases a band that achieved significant success in the 1990s with its catchy pop-rock sound. Despite their relatively short time in the limelight, their memorable songs continue to resonate with fans of the era.

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