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Could Trash by Suede be the Best Song David Bowie Never Wrote?

"Trash" by Suede is a song that has often been associated with paying tribute to David Bowie. Suede, an English alternative rock band, released "Trash" as a single from their second album, "Coming Up," in 1996. The song's glam rock sound and lyrical themes have led many to draw connections between "Trash" and Bowie's musical and stylistic influences.

David Bowie pioneered the music industry, constantly reinventing himself and pushing artistic boundaries. His influence can be heard in "Trash" aspects, such as its glam rock vibe, theatrical delivery, and androgynous aesthetics. Suede, like Bowie, embraced androgyny and blurred the lines between traditional gender roles, and "Trash" exemplifies this by being a catchy, energetic, and somewhat irreverent song.

Brett Anderson, Suede's frontman, has spoken about the band's admiration for David Bowie and his impact on their music. While "Trash" is often seen as a homage to Bowie, it's also important to note that it's a product of Suede's unique artistic vision. The song blends its style with elements reminiscent of Bowie's glam era.

If David Bowie had covered or written "Trash," it might have taken on a slightly different flavour while retaining both artists' essence. Bowie was skilled at interpreting and transforming songs to fit his distinctive sound. His cover might have added a more experimental twist, incorporating electronic elements or unexpected instrumentation.

If Bowie had written "Trash" himself, it likely would have been infused with his lyrical depth and thematic exploration. Bowie was known for his thought-provoking lyrics that often delved into existential and social issues. While "Trash" is a catchy, upbeat song, Bowie's version might have delved deeper into the underlying messages, possibly becoming a commentary on consumerism, identity, or society's obsession with superficiality.

The instrumentation and arrangement evolved as well. Bowie's musical evolution over the years ranged from folk to rock to electronic, so his version of "Trash" might have experimented with different sonic textures and production techniques, taking the song to unexpected places.

Ultimately, "Trash" is a testament to Suede's admiration for David Bowie and his influence on their music. It captures the spirit of glam rock and androgyny that Bowie helped popularize while also showcasing Suede's creativity. While imagining Bowie covering or writing "Trash" is intriguing, it's important to appreciate each artist's individuality and unique contributions to music.

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