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"I Went Feel's, Like Heaven...It Just Came Out." Kevin Patterson 2022

Fiction Factory was a new Scottish wave band formed in 1983 in Perth, Scotland. The band consisted of Kevin Patterson on vocals, Chic Medley on guitar, Graham McGregor on bass, Eddie Jordan on keyboards, and Mike Ogletree on drums.

Their debut single, "Ghost of Love," was released in 1983 and received moderate success, reaching No. 64 on the UK Singles Chart. However, their second single, "Feels Like Heaven," brought them international success. The song reached No. 6 on the UK Singles Chart and No. 24 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

"Feels Like Heaven" was included in their debut album, "Throw the Warped Wheel Out," released in 1984. The album received positive reviews and spawned several other singles, including "Panic" and "Heart and Mind." However, none of these singles was as successful as "Feels Like Heaven."

Despite their initial success, Fiction Factory struggled to maintain their momentum and disbanded in 1987 after releasing their second album, "Another Story." Unfortunately, the album was not as successful as its debut, and the band members went their separate ways.

In the years since their disbandment, Fiction Factory has gained a cult following and "Feels Like Heaven" has become a classic of 1980s pop music. The band members have occasionally reunited for live performances, and several artists have covered the song over the years.


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