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"The Album Took Ages To Make" Peter Coyle 2022

Peter Coyle

The Lotus Eaters were a British new wave band formed in Liverpool in 1982. The band was made up of Peter Coyle (vocals), Jeremy Kelly (guitar), Mike Dempsey (bass), and Stephen Creese (drums). They were named after the lotus eaters in Homer's Odyssey, a group of people who lived on an island and ate lotus fruit, which caused them to become forgetful and lose all desire to return home.

The Lotus Eaters released their first single, "The First Picture of You," in 1983 on their label, Arista. The single succeeded, reaching number 15 on the UK Singles Chart and becoming a hit in other countries. The band signed with Virgin Records and released their debut album, "No Sense of Sin," in 1984. The album was produced by Nigel Gray, who had previously worked with The Police, Siouxsie, and the Banshees.

Despite critical acclaim and a loyal fan base, The Lotus Eaters never achieved mainstream success. They released their second album, "Dancing Days," in 1985, including the single "You Don't Need Someone New," but it did not sell well. The band disbanded in 1986, with Coyle and Kelly forming a new band, The Lotus Eaters (UK), while Dempsey and Creese formed The Wild Swans.

In 2009, The Lotus Eaters (UK) released a new album, "Silentspace," which departed from their earlier sound and received mixed reviews. The band's original members reunited for a one-off performance in Liverpool in 2010.

Overall, The Lotus Eaters were a short-lived but influential band in the British new wave scene. Their music was characterized by dreamy, atmospheric pop songs that often explored themes of nostalgia and longing. "The First Picture of You" remains their most well-known song and a classic of the era.


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