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It feels like we're back in the 80s.

The current music charts are experiencing a delightful resurgence of electro-80s music, and amidst this nostalgic wave, a few modern-day musical virtuos deserve our attention. Alongside renowned acts like Dreamkid and Lina and the Lions, a new name has emerged, making a significant mark with their debut album, "Two Lane Highway" – introducing Valley Lights.

At first glance, the name "Valley Lights" may not immediately invoke memories of the 80s electro scene, but their music unquestionably transports listeners to that iconic era. Comprising a captivating collection of 13 tracks, "Two Lane Highway" skillfully melds contemporary sonic elements with the timeless allure of 80s music, delivering classic vocals that harmoniously complement the richly nostalgic soundscape.

Immerse yourself in this radiant, synth-laden album, and you'll quickly realize it wouldn't be out of place gracing the soundtrack of a blockbuster movie. From the first track, "Headlights," Valley Lights embark on a sonic journey that whisks you away to sun-drenched, palm tree-lined streets, evoking the essence of cruising through the heart of Los Angeles, their hometown.

One track that especially stands out is the saxophone-infused gem "Under The Gun." Here, Valley Lights showcases its prowess at fusing the best of the past and present but also demonstrates its commitment to delivering an authentic 80s experience with a contemporary twist.

As if that weren't enough, Valley Lights treats us to a delightful 80s-infused cover of Fleetwood Mac's timeless hit, "Dreams." Their reinterpretation breathes new life into this classic, seamlessly blending it with their signature electro-80s style.

Valley Lights is an artist and album that deserves your undivided attention. Their music effortlessly straddles the boundary between the 80s and the present day, appealing to fans of classic 80s tunes and contemporary synth-pop. "Two Lane Highway" is not just a homage to the electro 80s; it's a bold addition to the genre's ever-evolving tapestry, securing Valle

y Lights' place in the annals of musical history.

In keeping with the spirit of the 80s, Valley Lights has even made "Two Lane Highway" available on cassette, offering a nostalgic touch that complements their dedication to the era's aesthetic. So, keep an eye out for this emerging artist and their album – they're here to remind us that the allure of the 80s lives on in the vibrant sounds of today.


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